Pre-Lined and Pre-Coated Pipe

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Carbon Steel Pipe Welding for a Drainage Application

Superior Pipe Fabricators can do a variety of fabrication that deals with pipe that is supplied pre-coated and/or pre-lined. Most of the piping we work on needs to be painted or coated in some way. A lot of our customers like to send the pipe to us pre-coated so when it piping arrives in the field, they would only have to spend a few moments patching work instead of painting the whole system in the field.

We take extra care of the piping, when it's pre-lined or pre-coated. We make sure there is a minimum amount of damage and the field only has to repair a few patches. This is a huge advantage for them and this is why they like to send us the pipe/fittings pre-coated. We have never encountered a coating that has prevented us from any type of fabrication.

Also, we do not mind if we have to do all the coating ourselves. We can coordinate when the pipe will get painted and when it will get to the field.

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Examples of pre-coated  and pre-lined piping we have dealt with in the past few years:
3-Layer Polyethene Epoxy ( 3PLE )
Cement Morted Coated (CMC)
Epoxy Wrapped coated
Final Finished Coating
Fusion Bonded Epoxy ( FBE )
Cold Galvanize
Hot Dipped Galvanize
Primary Coated
Cement Morted Lined ( CML )
Epoxy Lined







Projects with Speacial Coatings

A few examples of projects we did this year so far:
Baxter TOFX - Wall Spools ( Galvanzed )
Chevron - Drainage Piping ( FBE )
Gensis Solar Plant - Drainage ( Epoxy Wrapped )
THUMS - Underground Piping ( 3PLE )
THUMS - Aboiveground Piping ( Zinc Primed )






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