Production of Pipe and Steel Fabrication

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Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication for a Pressure Relief System

We have no limits to how much work we can do. We have 98,000 Sq-Ft of land to complete any size project and plenty of welding machines and superior welders. Field welding speed can never come close to our production. Our shop is set up to produce the most welds in the shortest amount of time, while still meeting a high quality standard weld. We have the engineerig background to solve any task such as trimming custom elbows, shaping ends of pipe to fit awkward postions, odd rolling angeles and offests, cusom fittings, and so on.


Some of our customers like to give us a priority list to start fabrication, but they soon realize that a priority list is not required. We would have the whole job done by the time they are ready for their shipment. They always appreciate this, because they can choose what items they want to pick up and we will store the rest until they are ready for the next shipment.

On average, we do between 250 to 300 diameter inches in a day (but are not limited to). Any faster is usually too fast for our customers, so we dont produce more than that for one project at a time. We have the capabilites to do up to 650" in a day. One thing that makes us special is that no matter how fast the customer needs thier project, we always deliver.

A diameter inch is a description of the weld.

In example 10" CS Buttweld is 10 dia", 4" CS Buttweld is 4" dia, and so on. The diameter inches changes depending on the type of weld as well.


Below are random project we worked on in the past:

Project Name Estimated Diameter Inch Turnaround Schedule
29 Pal Power Plant 8,000 dia" 1 month
Cal Pi pe Power Plant Project 100,000 dia" 11 months
Cal Pipe Power Plant Project 9,000 dia" 1 month
City of Hope Hospital 45,000 dia" 5 months
KinderMorgan Project 15,000 dia" 2 months
Southern Cal Edison ( SCE ) 7,000 dia" 1 month
Thums J2 18,000 dia" 2 months
UCLA Hospital 150,000 dia" 14 months
USC Hospital 50,000 dia" 5 months


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