Cement Lined Piping Fabrication

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Cement Lined Steel Piping Fabrication for the DP Treater Industry

We do Cement-Lined Piping Fabrication. We have more than 40 years of experience in this field.

We do most of the CML welding for CRC and they require high quality welds, everytime. Every CML weld we do is Xrayed and double checked by certified inspectors. We never let a weld leave our shop without being inspected and tested.


Steps required for CML Products:

- Cut Pre-CML Pipe and re-patch all chipped CML, with pre-approved Cement only.

- Order custom gaskets to fit inside the pipe and bewteen the CML.

- Fabricate a weld, without a root pass and Xray the welds per ASME B31.3 Code.

- Xray every weld and have it double checked by a third party member.


As you can see, a CML weld is more difficult, but we are fully capable of the task and we stand by our high quality weld. Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) are required to inspect every weld in the field, but not the welds produced in our shop. They know from our track record, that we always produce high quality welds. We have all the special equipment needed and all the material ready for any scope of CML work as well as all the experience behind it. We have done CML work from sizes 4" to 36," but we are not limited to any size.


We recently purchased a cutting maching, valued at $150K to help speed up the CML Fabrication even more.

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