Custom Fabrication

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Fabrication of a Carbon Steel Component for a Power Plant Application

There are times when fabrication gets difficult, but no matter how difficult it will be, we will get the job done. We have years of engineering experience in fabrication. We have made custom programs to speed up the engineering. There are no limits as to what we can build. All that we ask for is that it's metal and weldable and we will do the rest.

Examples of custom fabrication:

- Splitting pipe and fitttings horizontally and welding on plates with bolt holes.

- Trimmed Elbows.

- Fittings going thru Pipe.

- Custom Flanges.

- Custom pipe nozzles ( Laterals/Stub Ends) to any degree.

- Custom dummy legs ( Pipe Support ) on fittings and pipe.

- Custom plates welded to any types of pipe and fittings

- Complex Steel Structures

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