About Superior Pipe Fabricators

Superior Pipe Fabricators facility

Superior Pipe Fabricators (SPF) started in 1984, by Perry Morse and Bob Moehlman, to be the new pipe fabrication shop. It was originally opened in Gardena, California. With Bob's long time experience as a fabrication shop manager and Perry's long time experience as a fabricaion shop office manager, they partnered up to make SPF a thriving company. Throughout the years, many pipe fabrication shops in the surrounding area began to shut down or move out of town. These shops could not compete with our production rate and the prices that Superior Pipe had to offer. Perry and Bob would receive calls from other shop owners, who were seeking advice on how to run their own shop. Other shop owners would sometimes stop by Superior unannounced, just to see the production line and the way things were run. As SPF's work load began to increase, they decided to relocate to a larger shop in Los Angeles. As the work increased further, they decided to buy the land around the shop, making Superior's property 98,000 Sq-Ft. Perry decided to pursue another goal and choose to retire, in 2010. We are under new office management, and are doing better than ever. We are a Union shop, part of Local 250, and have been unified since the start of the business.

Why choose Superior Pipe

We have standards that no one else can meet. Here at Superior Pipe, we know how to get the job done in an efficient manner and can meet your desired schedule. We will always find a way to get the job done. Our goal is to make sure our customers are making the most money by using our services. We are a debt free company. We own everything from our land to our welding machines.

We do not mind doing extra steps for our customers; such as:

- setting up days for X-Rays

- paying for the X-rays costs up front

- supplying material

- painting spools after fabrication

- paying for a third party hydro test team

- paying and arranging for heat treating.

- and much more

You can ensure that all delivered material will be kept track of. The more that SPF can do for you, the easier and more efficient it will be for you to complete your project. You will have full confidence that everything will be built accurately, quickly, and high quality, which will only get you that much further along with the completion of your project.

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